a vision that’s founded on
emerging technology

Brilliant Chemistry is here to help you give focus to a product or even your business vision long before you commit valuable resources, time and energy. We aren’t a group a kids taking your money to write code. We are led by CIOs, CEOs, Managing Directors and startup founders – and we’re here to challenge you. When you Spark it first, the rest comes much easier.


an interface that people
love to use

Anyone that creates an application must design an interface. But there’s a difference. You feel it. Users, Players, Consumers, - whomever your application is targeting, they love their devices and crave design that keeps them engaged. Whether you’re an enterprise with a simple portal or a startup building the next Pinterest, Brilliant Chemistry will create an experience that users savor.


a product that’s sound,
solid, scalable and on time

Writing code isn’t good enough. What you need is a product that is intelligently architected, crafted and ready for your audience. The technology doesn't matter to us. Java, Ruby, Objective-C, .Net, Python - we select the right tool for your needs. How Brilliant Chemistry approaches the architecture, build and QA process, assures you get to market meeting your goals.