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"Quite simply, Brilliant Chemistry made possible what was impossible for us to do on our own."
Adam @ Great Recruiters


For the past nine years, Brilliant Chemistry has been guiding businesses and startups through the challenges they face building custom applications.

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Digitize internal processes

Running your business as efficiently as possible is the key to out-competing your competitors.

Legacy Apps

Manual Processes

Disconnected Systems

Streamline client interactions

Your clients & customers want the easy path. Make it simple. Make it quick. They will keep coming back.




Maintain. Cost Effectively.

Nothing puts the damper on a quality app like high operating costs. The right solution fits your budget.



Future Proof

Sometimes you need a hammer.
Sometimes you need a screwdriver.
Sometimes you need someone to tell you which.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll tell you which one and we’ll even help you swing it.

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Client Success Stories

Great Recruiters

What happens when you want to revolutionize the industry you are in? You look for a guide that can fill in the gaps. Brilliant Chemistry brought the technical expertise that allowed Great Recruiters to role out a product that is literally changing the impression of recruiting.

DWM Holdings

DWM had the vision of what the future held for their company. They needed help getting there. Brilliant Chemistry guided DWM through building custom applications and integrations to work with their new Manufacturing ERP system.


The founder of PrePlanLive had a vision and determination to fix the utter lack of information a first responder has when arriving on scene. Brilliant Chemistry used the vision to guide the design and development of a 360 degree information platform: unlocked information stored in paper binders, provided 3D interior and exterior views, encrypted real-time camera feeds, and much more. All while being ISO 27001 compliant.

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