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What Does No Code & Low Code Mean?

Posted by Mike

Here at BC we are always looking for better ways to solve problems. Recently, a grouping of technology platforms has reached maturity in such a way that they can solve many of the problems organizations face in operating their business.

The term being thrown around is “No Code” & “Low Code”. We affectionally shorten that to NOLO. These each represent two unique styles within a similar path: developing apps without a traditional software developer. What follows is a general overview.

What Can NOLO Do for you?

Transform manual, cumbersome business processes
into automated, efficient competitive advantages

As a business, you can transform manual, cumbersome business processes into automated, efficient competitive advantages. Quite simply, you get custom application development at a greatly reduced cost when compared with traditional software development. NOLO Development Platforms allow power users to “point and click” their way to a full featured web application. Your own users can be trained to make changes and even add new functionality.

There’s a catch. While NOLO makes many things simple to create, there are situations where a NOLO solution is difficult or even impossible to achieve.

That’s why we recommend using NOLO in places where you won’t hit those situations. What are good use cases for NOLO?

  • Automating your internal operations
    • CRM
    • Vendor Integration
    • Reporting
  • Improving client/customer interactions
    • Warranties
    • Engagement
  • Migrating legacy systems
    • Access Databases
    • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Connecting disconnected systems
    • Linking Off-The-Shelf applications
    • Synchronizing Data

That’s just to start. Inevitably, you will find all sorts of things to build once you have a foundation laid.

You Said Something About Low Code?

Above, I mentioned situations where NOLO becomes problematic. “Pointing and Clicking” your way through an app has a limit. Many platforms offer a “Low Code” option where you can use simplified programming to fill in the gaps. This offers a great balance as the majority of the solution can be high level configuration. When needed, you drop down to lower level programming. There is a size and complexity of an organization that dictates Low Code vs No Code. We will evaluate your requirements and make the best recommendation.

How can we help?

Brilliant Chemistry excels in building custom applications. Beyond building apps, we will educate your team and provide the guidance that empowers you to take over as you see fit. We can be involved as much or as little as you want.

This style of development makes so many things possible for businesses that, otherwise, wouldn’t be able to afford it. You get custom development delivered for orders of magnitude less cost and at a higher success rate.

Our •NOLO• Process

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Validate / Train

Support / Enhance